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SMT assembly


The SMT assembly of electronic circuit boards concludes with a thermal process called “Reflow”.

In this final phase, the assembled circuit is placed in a special oven, where the alloy is re-melted and welds the components to the circuit board. 

ME ELECTRONICS’ welding department is equipped with two ovens: a Vapour-Phase oven and a convention oven, which allows the correct formation of the weld joints. 

Compared to usual convection ovens, Vapour-Phase ovens offer different advantages:

  • excellent temperature uniformity (over the entire board)
  • reduced thermal shock
  • strong heat transfer capability, independently of junction mass and shape
  • reduction of voids (air bubbles) during soldering
  • low power consumption
How does multivacuum vapour-phase work?

At the boiling point, a specific inert fluid creates a layer of saturated vapour (containing no oxygen), where the board is placed after being preheated. The vapour, condensing on the surface of the board, will transfer its latent heat to it, so that reflow will take place. This technology makes soldering possible, even in difficult cases (e.g. BGA soldering). ME ELECTRONICS can measure and save thermal profiles by means of suitable profilers.

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