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Window with electronic integrations Smart Window


The intelligent window

A made in in Italy intelligent window, capable of significantly improve the quality of life in terms of personal security, health and comfort. A project born from the integration of the different expertises made available by some excellences in the business world (ME ELECTRONICS Srl and Capoferri Serramenti Spa) and in the academic world (Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano). The most important innovative feature of Smart Window is a centralized system for data acquisition and management: the idea is to allow the interaction between the inside of a building and the outside world by different kinds of sensors and actuators, acquiring data and performing various tasks. Three possible user interaction are planned: manual, by vocal commands and remote. ME ELECTRONICS will develop the electronic part of Smart Window (hardware, firmware and software).


Introducing last-generation technologies in the window, by dedicated hardware and software tools. The final result is a Smart Window, with a strong social impact and a “green” profile, connected to the user and to other devices in the house. The window is no longer a passive instrument; it becomes active, in the context of an intelligent house. 

  • Specific hardware (e.g. touch-screens and transparent LCDs)
  • Integration of Smart Window in Android and iOS platforms (Google Home and Apple HomeKit)
  • Air quality control Smart Window will monitor air quality by a wide range of sensors (CO level, CO2 level, presence of other harmful substances, degree of humidity, etc.) and, accordingly, will perform all the necessary operations to keep or restore the ideal conditions without the intervention of an operator. Such conditions will be previously set either remotely (by using a specific mobile App) or locally (by vocal commands). Some of the possible operations performed by Smart Window will be: opening and closing the window, enabling and disabling controlled ventilation systems, triggering alarm signals in case of danger.
  • Energetic efficiency The idea is to make the window a low power technological instrument, contributing to the energetic efficiency of the house together with the other domotic devices. The strongly innovative feature is the integration of semi-transparent photovoltaic cells on glass to recover solar energy and store it in a power bank.
  • Communication among different spaces in the same building Smart Window could be also an innovative tool for communication among different spaces in the same building. By means of Solid Drive technology on glass, which makes it act like a microphone and a loudspeaker, this intelligent window could replace the common intercom.

A new concept of window for flats and public/private buildings.

30/05/2019 4th Microjoining Day

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