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Electronic weighing machine Perfect Fodder System


Electronic fodder system

ME ELECTRONICS has designed a device aimed at the electronic management of animal feed dosing, which can be remotely controlled, with the possibility of instant reporting.
An electronic feed weighing device, installable in just a few minutes on any mixer or motorised wagon. The device allows for management, even via the internet, of the dosage of the single components of the feed, sending them directly to the load cells through an antenna installed on the wagon. A sound signal informs the operator that the set dosing has been achieved. Design hardware and software development by ME ELECTRONICS.


The product is designed to facilitate and streamline the work of the operator that supplying the forage.
A system designed to interact remotely on WEB with the appliance installed on the cart and thus have the remote control in real time of the distribution of forage and consumption management.

  • Power supply: 12VDC with reverse polarity protection
  • Consumption (scales only): 500mA 6W
  • Alarm output: 200mA
  • Cell power supply: 5V (max. 6 cells with 350 0hm cad.)
  • Cell sensitivity: from 0,25mV/V to 2,00mV/V; 0,95 V/V nominal
  • Temperature: from 0°C to +50°C
  • Humidity level: 90% non-condensing
  • The system includes a PFS device, a GPRS antenna and an account for the Web application
  • STN or TFT display, colour or b/w
  • Keyboard with 10 configurable buttons
  • Graphic interface for simple and intuitive use
  • Recipe modification (components, box, rations)
  • Set up for saving data via USB
  • GPRS connection for real-time data exchange (WiFi optional)
  • Set up for printer use
  • Set up for external LED repeater
  • Set up for distance control of auger opening
  • Set up for remote control of self-propelled propelled vehicles with CAN VEHICLE BUS
  • Easy installation
  • Facilitates the operator’s work
  • Control and management via internet
  • Distance, remote transferral of the recipe (animal’s diet)
  • Receipts of the day’s consumption
  • Traceability of bovine feed

Suitable to any mixer cart (movable and towed).

30/05/2019 4th Microjoining Day

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