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What we believe

We believe in the research and implementation of simple and creative solutions to complex human problems, driven by a perspective that enhances the wealth of people and companies.

We believe that cultural and social growth are vehicles of equality of rights among all living beings and are the basis of a coexistence based on respect, negotiation and the feeling of creating, day by day, something better for everyone.

We believe in sharing knowledge with everyone as a motor to generate creative solutions that allow us to look to the future with a sense of electrifying curiosity for us and for the next generations.

We believe that companies are made of people who must feel motivated, safe in an environment that cares for their continued growth.

We believe that profit cannot be a goal but that it is the consequence of passion, of the quality of the our challenges and of daily living our ethics, which is part of our offer to the market.

We believe that the quality of the offer to the market depends on the knowledge and the passion with which the proposed challenges are faced every day; only in this way profit can confirm the value of our work.

Against war and violence

ME ELECTRONICS supports the fight against violence and the violation of human rights by not knowingly knowing metals that come from the mines of the geographical area defined as "Conflict Region".

These are in particular metals such as tin (SN), tantalum (TA), tungsten (W), gold (AU) and others, coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and from the neighboring countries, whose sale can provide financial support for the local armed conflict.

ME ELECTRONICS has closed all commercial purchases related to the metals mentioned above, also asking its suppliers not to knowingly acquire non-certified minerals such as "Conflict Free".

30/05/2019 4th Microjoining Day

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